Only True Bollywood Fans Can Identify The On-Screen Mother-Son Duos In This Quiz

Bollywood films have shown us a variety of relationship dynamics that can occur between parents and their children. Some films have shown fairly simple narratives while some others have delved deep into the various complexities of it. As a result, we have some memorable performances by mother-son, father-daughter, father-son, and mother-daughter duos on screen.

But today is all about mother-son duos! If you are someone who has absolutely loved seeing mother-son relationships in Bollywood films, guess the actors who played these duos:

1. Has there been a better mother-son duo on screen other than these two?

2. This scene gave us all the feels!

3. Hint: "Mujhe sab dikhai de raha hai, Maa!"

4. This duo nailed the Punjabi mother-son relationship on screen!

5. This is a SUPER easy one! Who is this duo?

6. This mother-son duo tried very hard to escape the 'Rajput' influence.

7. This movie would lose much of its charm had they not shown this beautiful mother-son relationship.

8. Hint: The 'child' was actually played by a very senior actor!

9. Again, a Punjabi mother-son duo!

10. This mother tried very hard to find a 'shushil bahu' for her son!

Pictures source: YouTube.

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