Only A True ‘Maa Da Ladla’ Can Guess The Bollywood Movie By The Moms In This Quiz!

Mummy!! Don’t we all run to our mothers every time we need help with anything? Be it wanting our favorite comfort food or looking for a lost item, maa always comes to our rescue. Bollywood too has many on-screen mothers who are both inspiring and savage.

Earlier, we challenged you to guess movies based on doting dads. Now, can you name these 10 movies based on the desi moms?

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1. The song ‘Meri Pyaari Ammi’ was dedicated to this beautiful mother!

2. “You have to help yourself. No one can help you better than you,” said this fierce mother.

3. This forward-thinking, non-judgmental mom accepted her ghar jamai with open arms!

4. She was mom goals as she played mummy cool to Ayushmann Khurrana.

5. This bold mother always fought with the cops for the right things.

6. A strong mother who kept her husband's secret to protect her family.

7. This optimistic mother said, “Tu ek din zarur hero banega, yeh ek maa ka dil kehta hai.”

8. This no-nonsense Punjabi mom said, “Makhan sirf khaya jaata hai ... lagaya nahi jaata.”

9. “Ladke ke samne kaise muskuraegi, jaldi bata,” this mom was getting her daughter shadi ready!

10. This bomb-ass mom helped her daughter to run away with her lover.

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