Can You Ace This Quiz On Leading Men Who Played Feminist Characters In Bollywood Movies?

Bollywood has given us many male characters who have smashed patriarchy and empowered women in movies. They are truly representatives of the change we wish to see in the world. But can you name these woke male leads by the social stereotype they challenged on-screen? Take this quiz to find out.

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1. "Aur Ayesha ko kaam karne ke liye tumhari permission ki kyu zarurat hai?" he asks her husband.

2. Redefining gender roles by working as a homemaker.

3. He helps Sweety bring her sexual identity in front of her conservative family.

4. He runs an NGO for acid attack survivors & falls for Malti's courage.

5. Based on the real-life Menstruation Man who shattered period taboos.

6. He was Piku's biggest champion & raised a strong daughter.

7. He helped normalise mental health & left Kiara with a lifetime of lessons.

8. Based on the real person who helped his daughters become talented wrestlers.

9. He reiterated the importance of consent and helped a strong woman fight her legal battle.

10. He recognized the strength in each player & facilitated a sense of sisterhood amongst them.

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