Watch What Happens To Bollywood On-Screen Couples After The Movie Ends. Hilarious AF!

Bollywood movies make us believe in love and happy endings. It has been injecting the larger-than-life theories about love in our arteries since a long time. Be it the quintessential DDLJ, or the teary-eyed love story in Gadar, they have made this clear – ‘happily ever after’ do exist.

But do they really? (No, no! don’t think about THE Pyaar ka Punchnama dialogue).

This video uploaded by SnG Comedy, paints an after picture of the archetypal ‘happily ever after’. You can see Simran and Raj, Mr. and Mrs. India, Rahul and Anjali and many other iconic couples when they visit the couple therapy session and present their married life woes to the therapist.

Watch out for the angry Simran! 😀