Quiz: Call Yourself A Foodie If You Can Name Bollywood Movies By The Food In These Scenes!

Food and Bollywood are two of my most primary needs in life and this lockdown gave me ample time to indulge in both. So if you turned into a Masterchef and a filmy keeda like me during this quarantine, then ace this quiz and prove it! Can you guess these movies by taking one look at a ‘delicious’ scene?

1. Remember Rancho and his Pudine Ki Chutney demo?

2. Khaao aur Patao is this movie's charm.

3. This scene defined true romance for all the 90’s kids out there.

4. Remember ‘Bhaang gang’ from this scene?

5. “Gol Gappa Competition- Aaj no limit!”

6. Have a good look at the chef’s face to guess this one!

7. "Gobhi ke paranthe! Aur woh bhi London mein! Mind blowing," says a very excited Hrithik Roshan.

8. Yes, that’s Madhuri and Anil Kapoor dancing around a massive Batata Vada Pav. Can you guess the movie?

9. Guess the movie where Ranveer took, “Bread pakode ki kasam, yaar!”

10. Deven Verma feeds Sanjeev Kumar drugged pakodas in this flick that’s a comedy of errors!


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