13 Undeniable Traits Of A Die-hard Bollywood Fan

Being Indian kids, we have been brought up on Bollywood films that teach us that no matter what you do, or where you are, Indianness is incomplete without a little (or in some cases, a lot) of drama. So, it’s only natural for us to love Bollywood for the way it is. Some of us, however, love it unconditionally.

Here are a few traits of a crazy Bollywood fan.

1. You always know which movie is releasing on which date


And you have always won bets over it.


2. You do a detailed analysis on a movie just by looking at the trailer


And of course, you are almost always right.


3. Booking a first day first show ticket is extremely important to you


Praise the Lord for the pre-booking option.


4. You have a few particularly favourite movies that you watch without getting bored


They’re mostly the ones you watched growing up. And you love them to the core.


5. You can easily defend Bollywood when you get into arguments


Say ‘this movie sucks’ one more time. I dare you!


6. You give examples of Bollywood films/characters/ stories any time you get the chance


“What would Raj and Simran do in this situation….?”


7. Your weekend plans have to involve watching a movie


And your Facebook timeline is filled with movie hall check-ins.


8. Your fashion sense is heavily influenced by Bollywood


And while shopping, you’re constantly on the lookout for clothes actors wore in a movie.


9. You are mostly up-to-date with celebrity gossip


The entertainment section of the newspaper is all you need.


10. You remember movie dialogues at the tip of your tongue


And you never shy away from acting them out.


11. You relate yourself to one of the characters in your favourite film



12. And you have imagined yourself doing your favourite romantic scenes from movies


Not to mention their dance moves!


13. Lastly, you dream about a visit to your favourite celebrities’ house


Jalsa, Mannat, or whatever it might be.
Because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, Bollywood will be your one and only true love.

You can always take an Indian out of Bollywood, but you can never take Bollywood out of an Indian.

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