These Drinking Games Based On Bollywood Movies Will Definitely Get You Tipsy

Drinking is like opening the door to a whole new place. It’s a land of unpredictability. You might wake up next to your crush or next to a dumpster.
And to make it more fun, here we have for you some interesting drinking games based on Bollywood movies. Remember, the less sense the movie makes, the more fun you can have!

1. Andaz Apna Apna

The movie is hilarious and hence your chances of getting drunk while watching this movie are pretty high!

i. Every one takes two big sips every time Aamir Khan says “Haila!”
ii. Every one takes 4 sips of their drink every time Salman Khan says, “Ooi maa!”
iii. All the boys gulp their drink as soon as Bhalla says “smart boy.” Last person to drink dances to “ye lo ji sanam.”
iv. All the girls gulp their drink as soon as Robert says “galti se mistake ho gaya.” Last to reach dances to “ye raat aur ye doori.”

2.  Gunda

This movie is the epitome of a 90’s Indian crime film. Beware of your violent streak while drinking to this movie.



Every time a new character introduces himself in the movie (with their classic Filmy-Max one liner) one person (picked by everyone else by bullying) in the room has to have his/her drinks bottoms up. And whenever there is a fight scene, people take shots every time Mithun Chakraborty sends someone flying off with an unrealistic yet strong punch (or a kick, it can even be a look sometimes).


3. Messenger of God

Don’t take us wrong, but this is a movie to cheer you up! Whenever you feel like a loser, watch this movie and think, “If this guy can have the courage to do this on camera, I can definitely live through this phase of my life.” It feels better, true story!


Drinking to this game will get you drunk like a fish in the sea. The rules are simple,

Whenever excessive hair is visible on screen, you finish half of your drink.
Whenever bad CGI is being displayed, you take 2 sips from someone else’s glass with your eyes closed (as a precaution to the horrible CGI).
And when there is a priest singing a rock number in a music concert (yeah, you read it right!), the most drunk person in the room will dance along with him!

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4. Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hu

This movie was like a pilot project of celeb kids. While Kareena and Hrithik take over-acting to a whole new level, why don’t you take drinking to another level.



All the single people in the room take a big sip when the (horribly) animated parrot in the movie says a movie name.
All couples take a shot every time Kareena Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan give each other a creepy smile!
Keep a row of shot glasses ready with water in some and vodka in the rest and shuffle them so they cannot be identified. Now, every time the melodramatic mother of Kareena Kapoor cries, YOU DRINK! (Our own version of Russian roulette)


5. Om Shanti Om – Title Track (Power hour)

This song is the power hour of drinking games. It is basically a show off on ‘Look! We have so many friends in the industry!” So play this song and get ready to chug.



Sit in a circle and start with the most sober person. For every time a new actor/actress comes in the scene during the title song of Om Shanti Om, he/she takes a shot and the person on their right is next. A lot of characters in a single scene? Every body take shots! The circle goes on till the song is over and everybody is drunk out of their wits!

So with these games you are set to have a ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ time. Just make sure that if you’re drinking and driving, keep at least one eye open. Just kidding, keep them both closed (and don’t get behind the steering wheel).

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