Quiz: Guess The OG Dance Forms That Inspired The Choreography Of These Bollywood Songs!

There are several Bollywood movies that have beautifully embraced and taken inspiration from several dance forms of India and across the globe. How many of them can you correctly identify by looking at the foot-tapping song’s scene in this quiz? Let’s find out.

1. Remember Pinga from 'Bajirao Mastani'?

2. Which dance form was showcased in 'Mission Kashmir'?

3. Vidya Balan's steps are inspired by which dance form?

4. Remember this song from 'Padmaavat'?

5. "Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje"

6. Aamir Khan showcased this dance form in 'Dhoom 3'

7. "Mashallah Mashallah"

8. "Radha kaise na jale"

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