Outfits Worn By Bollywood Celebs That Are Too Bizarre Even For The Met Gala

Every year, there comes a time when we look at some of the most popular celebrities from across the world walk the red carpet at the Met Gala in the most outrageous outfits and say, “Bollywood celebrities can do better.”

However, over the years, Bollywood celebs have been seen donning such looks which are too bizarre, even for the Met Gala. Don’t believe me? Have a look:

1. Karishma Kapoor in hot pink shiny pants and a silver belt.

Image source

2. Govinda in this Superman costume has left Clark Kent facepalm-ing.

Image source

3. I’m sorry, but why is John Abraham dressed like this?

Image source

4. Karan Johar looks like a villain from the DC universe.

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5. Why did Shakti Kapoor think it was cool to pose like this?

Image source

6. I’m sorry, but Rekha is too glam for the Met Gala.

Image source

7. Can somebody tell Madhuri that she has massive red flowers and leaves on her outfit?

Image source

8. I’m a huge Pooja Bhatt fan, but NO.

Image source

9. OH. MY. GOD.

Salman Khan in Suryavanshi

10. How much gold is too much gold, Bappi Da?

Image source

11. Akshay, you okay dude?

Image source

12. This is too much, even for Ranveer Singh.

13. Okay, that’s enough internet for today.

Saif Ali Khan in Kaalakaandi

Which celebrity look do you think is the most bizarre of them all? Tell us!

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