Epic Translation Fail In K3G’s ‘Bole Chudiyaan’ Has Ruined The Song For Desis

You may have heard this saying that things get lost in translation. It does, especially when it comes down to translating regional words into English. The most hilarious cases of translation fails happen in the subtitles of a Bollywood movie or song. ‘Behne De Mujhe Behne De’ becomes ‘Give sister, give me your sister’.

And ‘Aaja Heeriye, Ja Ja Ranjhana’ in the famous song ‘Bole Chudiyaan’ from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham becomes ‘Come on my Juliet, Get lost Romeo!’.

A picture of this epic translation fail on ‘Bole Chudiyaan’ was shared on Twitter by a guy named Saboor Ali.

And desis online just couldn’t stop laughing! I mean, there have been several instances where the translator didn’t do the job well, but to replace Heer-Ranjha with Romeo and Juliet is just on another level.

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This makes me want to go to YouTube and play my favourite Bollywood songs with the English subtitles switched on! 😛

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