People In US Are Throwing Boiling Water In The Air To Watch It Freeze Instantly

The weather in the midwest and northeast regions of North America can be best described as being freezing cold! The temperatures are so low that the Niagara Falls has frozen over. Schools are shut, flights are down and people have been advised to stay warm inside to avoid frostbites. The Guardian reports that “a blast of Arctic air known as the polar vortex” is the cause for the cold. Some are even comparing the icy conditions to Antarctica!

But life goes on and people are braving the weather with some fun and science. Residents are making videos of stuff like freezing eggs on a sidewalk, bubbles freezing to snow and throwing boiling hot water and watching it turn into icy vapour. Yes, it’s real guys. See for yourself.

The ‘boiling water challenge’ has gone viral

Why is everyone using boiling ‘hot’ water though?

According to ABC News, “Sometimes hot water can freeze into ice quicker than cold water. This is thanks to an unusual phenomenon called the Mpemba effect.” Experts also sound a word of caution for everyone trying this experiment. Scalding water burns the skin upon contact, even if the temperatures outside are sub-zero.

Here are some more videos of the challenge

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What a way to look at the bright side of things, right?

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