Someone Made A Meme Using This Bodybuilder’s Pic And His Sweet Reply Is Winning Hearts!

Memes are fun; memes are hilarious. But some of them can be a tad demeaning too. Remember those memes that used the picture of African American actress Gabourey Sidibe and asked people to ‘tag a friend who should marry her’? They seemed innocent, but they were in fact making fun of her looks and colour. Proof enough that just like appearances, memes can be deceptive too. And this meme about a bodybuilder was about to go down a similar path, until he pulled something unpredictable!

Meet this big guy! He is Søren Falby, a bodybuilder who looks like some ancient Viking warrior with those muscles, that beard and a lot of tattoos!

His big beefed up look might scare you off a little, but Søren is a real softy at heart!

Crushing all those bodybuilder stereotypes like…!

Recently, he came across a surprising meme that had his picture on it, with a rather bizarre caption!

“He slaps your mom, what you do?”

The ‘slap your mom’ memes are quite a rage, and usually use pictures of buff guys in menacing poses because that’s the typical stereotype of guys you’d be scared of.

Now Søren could’ve gotten mad and dashed off some angry comment on the post. The stereotype that his size prompts would’ve meant the person posting the meme would be too scared and surely take it down.

But the decided to shatter those stereotype and how!

Søren didn’t just clear the air about not slapping anyone’s mom, he even shared a picture of him and his mom to prove how much he loved her!


A reddit user shared the interaction and the thread got so much love!

Some of the comments were so funny!

All hail the Gentle Giant, and remember, stereotypes suck!

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