Cheesecake Or A Boat In The Ocean? People Are Divided Over The Optical Illusion


Our mind often plays tricks on us. Sometimes it makes us believe that the object that our eyes see is not what it is. And the lack of coordination between the two often leaves us baffled. That’s precisely what happened with a lot of people when they saw this picture.

What do you see? A boat or a cheesecake? 👀

Posted by Me, My Cakes And I on Thursday, May 14, 2020

A picture shared online created a lot of confusion among people, reports Hindustan Times. Many had to look closely (and multiple times) to actually see if the picture was of a boat sailing in the middle of the ocean or a cheesecake.

Here’s the pic:

While some said they saw a boat at first glance, others mentioned how it looked like a piece of cake to them.


Here’s what others had to say about the image:

Well, I am so desperate for a vacation that the picture looked like a boat on an ocean to me. What did you see at first glance? Tell us.

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