Mumbaikars Can Now Report A Pothole To BMC & Get Paid ₹500 If Not Fixed Within 24 Hrs

Road accidents caused by potholes is a significant problem in the state of Maharashtra which needs immediate fixing by the state government. According to a previous report by Hindustan Times, there were 3 cases of pothole deaths in August alone. Another more recent report by TOI claimed that potholes have claimed the lives of 2,640 lives at an average in the past 3 years.

In a bid to fix this problem across Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has come up with a unique initiative. According to a report by Times Now, BMC has introduced the #PotholeChallenge2019 which urges Mumbaikars to inform them about potholes. If within 24 hours the reported pothole is unfixed, the informer is to get Rs 500.

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BMC took to its official Twitter account to post about the challenge. Turns out, the challenge comes with a few conditions.

1. The pothole is to be reported only via BMC’s Fixit app.
2. The potholes should be at least 1 ft across in length and 3 inches deep.
3. One person can report only 2 potholes.
4. The person who reports a particular pothole first will be given the compensation if it remains unfixed.
5. Informers have to take a selfie with the pothole.

The challenge will only be valid until November 7.

However, certain problems come with the challenge. Since the dimension of a pothole already defined, will the others, which don’t match the measurements, not be fixed? Do Mumbaikars have to carry a measuring tape all the time? Also, is it safe to measure a pothole in the middle of a busy road? These questions haven’t been clarified.

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“For a Mumbaikar, any uneven patch on which a two-wheeler skids, is a pothole. Even if a few paver blocks are missing, it’s a pothole. I will show the BMC several potholes in my area,” said activist Nikhil Desai.

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We don’t know if the Pothole Challenge will benefit the city. But we can all agree that the government should take more serious steps in fixing a problem which is the cause behind a serious number of accidents and deaths.

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