Delhi Woman Finds Her 7 YO Niece Playing The ‘Blue Whale’ Game. Shares The Shocking Video.

As much as I depend on the Internet for a majority of everyday stuff, I can’t deny the fact that it’s been slowly spewing venom in the lives of the generation to come. The kids of today don’t know life without games, apps, Google Maps, Facebook, and selfies.

If that wasn’t enough, a 22-year-old took to the Internet to befriend and influence little kids to kill themselves because he wanted to “cleanse the earth of the biological waste”. I am pretty sure you’ve guessed it by now. I’m talking about the BLUE WHALE challenge, where a kid has 50 tasks to do and in the end, commit suicide and tape it as proof.

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After claiming many lives in Russia, UK and America, it has also reached the Indian shore.


In a heartbreaking incident, Priyanka Bansal from Delhi received the shock of her life when her 7-year-old niece downloaded a game called Blue Whale on her father’s phone. She recounted the incident in a Facebook post in order to reach as many parents as she could, because Blue Whale is spreading like wildfire.

(As the authorities have made Blue Whale game is unavailable on the Play Store. Our best guess is that the girl might’ve downloaded a game with a similar name.)

Alert – *Blue Whale Game* : It is entering our homes slowly.

My 7 yr old niece who is comfortable in using android play store and usually download baby games and play. We take it lightly and let her use our phones. Today after coming from school she asked her mother to spell blue and without any doubt, she dictated it to her. After some time she asked her to spell whale too. Her mother failed to relate it as she asked it at a different point. The day went usually with mundane chores.

At around 10:00 at night, when we were about to sleep she asked me “Bua whats Blue whale game is about”.

I was amazed to hear those words coming out of this tiny mouth and confirmed: “Beta are you asking about whale?” She confirmed that she is asking for the new game. “No No that Blue Whale game I am asking,” she said. A sense of fear rushed inside me, “but why are you asking cia, vo tou bhoot ki game hain” I said worriedly. ( We Indians relate anything to bhoot( Ghost)to keep kids out of it) this trick worked.

After that, she started howling and crying about her mistake of downloading this game, as she thought now the ghost will haunt her. We got scared that she might have started playing this game. We checked all the devices at home and got to know that she downloaded this game on her father’s phone.

I asked her, why and how did you come to know about this game. She said there are 2 bhaiya in her school van who asked all these kids to download this game and not to delete it, they also said this is a very funny and interesting game. I thought whom she is referring would be senior boys but again she surprised us by telling that they are small kids of 4-5 class, she is in 1st standard. 

She is crying badly again and again and refusing to go to school and to the van now. We are trying to ask her if the kids have suggested something more than she revealed.

I hugged her and made her calm down. “Cia, why did you ask me about this now and not in the afternoon?” She said she wanted to play this game as bhaiya said it is really nice but got scared. “Us game

“Us game ko kholne pe whale thi badi si uski body main kuch mask jaisa tha tou main dur gayi,” she added.

I opened that app and the instructions said that you need a virtual device to go further. I don’t know if it was the real game, a copy, a funny version or harmless game of similar name. I deleted it there and then cleared all history from app store too.

She is very small and I am sure she would not have gone further in operating this game or in reading instructions, but who knows if she could have done this.
Fortunately, we got to know about her actions in the very initial stage of this stupidity.

I was worried for those boys too, have informed the school principal to call and talk to the parents and alert them for these actions of their innocent kids. 
We made a few clip after making her calm down and asking the incident once again.

I request all you to share this incident and keep a check on your kids. Keep your devices locked and away from kids.

Imagine that the deadly game is been discussed by kids of 1st class and suggested by kids of 4th class. Please find out a way to talk to kids or may use what I did.( Bhoot version). Please take care your small ones.

The first death in India resulted from this deadly game was just a 14-year-old kid from Mumbai.

Share this and please tag the parents of the small kids.


To scare her niece from this game that has been causing kids to kill themselves, Priyanka told her that the game is haunted. The little girl was scared out of her wits and began crying incessantly.


She recorded a few videos of her niece trying to tell her what happened and why she downloaded the game. You can read her entire FB post here.

It’s alarming that mobile, i-pads and computers are so casually available to children these days that the parents might fail to notice what their kids are keeping up with. It’s affecting the influential minds of little kids, who don’t understand this dreadful game and how it can ruin their entire lives.

It’s important that parents take note of this post and make sure that their kids are safe.

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