These Bloggers Captured ICC Champions Trophy In Stunning Frames And We’re In Awe Of Them!

The magic of this year’s ICC Champions Trophy is still rubbing on us, barring the not-so-expected end. And, we are still quite impressed by our Indian Cricket Team’s performance this season. So, what if there were one or two bad matches. All’s fair in game, life, and war. You know it in your heart how the ICC CT 2017 was a magnanimous affair and a scenic one too. What a sight it was to see Hardik Pandya hit the ball out of the park against the Instagrammable UK skies!

Not only we were glued to the screens to watch the matches, but on the side, we were socially quite active. From memes to stalking people who’ve gone to witness the matches, we did it all. And, you know what? We chanced upon some brilliant clicks a few bloggers snapped using their OPPO F3 phones. In addition to capturing the match-mania, we also got to see the UK through their eyes. Which is a sight for our sore eyes!

We are in awe! Have a dekko!

1. This is Bath, a town in South West England.

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2. While the match was on at Edgbaston Stadium.

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3. This click of Oxford University needs to be pinned, right away, on the board!

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4. These yummilicious macaroons from Selfridges are making our mouths water.

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5. It’s so pretty that it just caught our “Eye”.

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6. Caught in action: Bloggers couldn’t seem to stop posing for their Selfie Expert.


7. The bridge that towers upon all, Tower Bridge.

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8. And finally, a groupfie. Everyone seems to be having so much fun!


Aren’t they stunning? BTW, it was OPPO, the official sponsor of Team India, who took these bloggers on the championship leg where they captured the spirit rightly in their brilliant OPPO F3 camera phones. ?

The F3 features a dual front camera –“One for Selfie, One for Group Selfie”.  A 16-megapixel Selfie camera for individual selfies and a wide-angle lens for a group selfie. The wide-angle Group Selfie Camera gives a larger field-of-view, twice larger view than a normal selfie camera. Besides this, it also has a 13MP rear camera, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM with a 3200mAh battery.

Now you know which phone to take on your next vacation to capture all those candid moments perfectly! ? ?

This story is brought to you in association with OPPO