Her Father Went Missing And She Lost Her Job. But Today, Her Blog Is Loved By So Many Celebs.

Life is strange and complex. Many times, we don’t realise what it has planned for us. We curse it for our hardships, we thank it for our victories but no matter how hard we try, life never fails to surprise. They say life is unfair and yes, sometimes it is. They say it’s tough. Once again, I agree. However, they also say, that you can only connect the dots of life looking backwards. I firmly believe life has a way of working itself out.

The story of Jyoti Chahar is a testament to this fact.

She was the eldest of four children born into a poor family. She moved to Delhi from a village in Haryana where marrying off teenage daughters was the norm.

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However, with whatever limited wealth her parents had, they ensured that her higher studies were complete.

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Going for higher education ensured that her relatives did not pressurise the family to get her married at an early age.


After graduation, she had to work without pay for the first 6-7 months before finally landing a job which paid enough for her to sustain herself.

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Having to work without pay despite having a qualification is not easy.


Around the same time, life threw a curve ball at her when her father met with a frightful accident and suffered a total loss of memory. 

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This led to him going missing on multiple occasions. All of her savings went towards finding him and helping with his recovery.


However, one day he went missing and was never found.

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Jyoti was devastated. Losing a loved one, especially a parent, is never easy. It takes an overwhelming amount of courage to move on with life.


She soon got a job at a big company and also pursued her passion for blogging alongside. 

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But then, life had a different plan for her.


She lost her job due to ‘cost cutting’ measures. She was determined to follow her passion and became a full-time blogger.

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Today, her blog boasts of a significant following and has received praises from prominent celebrities.

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