Blinkit Delivers iPhone 15 In 10 Mins, Now People Are Asking For Discount Codes

It’s officially the iPhone 15 launch day. Enthusiastic Apple lovers stood in queues outside the Apple stores in Mumbai and Delhi waiting to get their hands on the new piece of technology. There were also people who flew from different cities to Mumbai and Delhi just so that they could become the first ones to buy the gadget.

Taking part in the frenzy is the delivery service Blinkit, which announced that it will be delivering the iPhone 15 to customers within 10 minutes!

Founder Albinder Dhindsa took to social media to announce that they already sold a few pieces of the iPhone 15.

And now people online have been asking for discounts on their orders! 😛 A lot of them were also impressed by how Blinkit saw a business opportunity and grabbed it. Here’s what they said:

Would you trust Blinkit and similar companies to deliver such an expensive piece of technology to you? Tell us!

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