Blind 13 YO Can See For The First Time & Thanks His Doctor In The Cutest Way!

Emotion is truly a universal language. There’s no better example than the case of Roshan Theeng, a 13-year-old boy, lost his eyesight 3 years ago.

The video shows the boy running his hands over the surgeon’s face. The surgeon was also overwhelmed as he took off his glasses to hug the boy.

Both of Roshan’s pupils were affected by cataract. Eventually he started losing his eyesight and went completely blind. He was not capable to walk by himself so his grandmother took him to a free eye camp on her back. This was the camp where he met Dr. Sanduk Ruit.

After the surgery, Roshan was ecstatic when he could see again. He clapped and could not stop laughing. Dr. Ruit is the famous surgeon who invented a β€˜revolutionary, inexpensive method of cataract surgery that could be completed in just 15 minutes.’

Netizens couldn’t help but cheer for the little teenage boy, because the emotions in the now-viral video are just too much to contain.

Not only were the comments coming from people happy for the boy, but also for the doctor who’s nothing less than a God for people like Roshan Theeng.

Dr. Ruit reported to The Kathmandu Post that,

β€œThe boy’s expression of happiness was so strong that it was not just I who felt its effects, but everyone around, all the patients and their relatives.”

The happiness on the boy’s face depicts what he feels inside, and if there’s someone to be thankful for that, it’s Dr. Sanduk Ruit, and his noble efforts to change lives of people like Roshan Theeng.