Girl Breaks Her Braces Looking At Hot Black Panther Villain Take Off His Shirt, Goes Viral!

Let me tell you from personal experience that being a fangirl is a helluva difficult business. It requires commitment and unwavering dedication to the object of your obsession and sometimes it can be really lethal.  This is the story of a fangirl who braved this danger, and managed to smile through her teeth…. and broken braces. As for why she had to be in danger in the first place, please blame/thank Marvel’s Black Panther for making Michael B Jordon take off his shirt!

It all started with a Tumblr post—a gif of the wildly hot villain of Black Panther who has taken the internet by storm: Michael B Jordon.

Tumblr user nitramaraho, a dentist by profession, commented on the gif about one of his patients who clenched her teeth so hard that she broke her retainer (braces) when she saw the actor take off his shirt on screen!

Thirsty AF, right? I mean I totally reacted a bit too violently when I saw a chiselled Ranveer Singh shirtless in Ram-Leela! So I feel ya, girl!

The scene being referred to here is the one where Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa has to fight Michael B Jordan’s Eric Killmonger and they’re both shirtless. Definitely hot AF!

Image Courtesy: Marvel Studios

Like, I get it why this poor girl couldn’t help it! Would you look at that? *drool*

The dentist might not have ever imagined that his post would turn into something so viral. But considering Black Panther’s current popularity and the hilariousness of this story, it did.

People took screenshots of the dentist’s Tumblr comment and it soon went viral. So viral, that it found its way to the fangirl in question!

*cue in the embarrassment*

Sophia, or ‘Retainer Girl’ as she began to be called, soon identified that it was her orthodonist who had revealed her dirty secret!

Pretty soon, there were some crazy reactions to her story. What made it even more funny was that she had discovered it!

1. You’re not alone girl!

2. Can we all em’Brace’ the idea that this is a good pun?

3. EPIC!

Fun fact, Vibranium is a fictional metal in the Marvel Universe which is found in abundance in Wakanda, the fictional town Black Panther is set in. It is also the metal that was used to forge Captain America’s shield and Black Panther’s suit.

4. You know you’ve gone viral when you’re turned into a meme!

Adding more doses of insane to this already cray-cray story was the fact that Sophia’s father too joined the bandwagon to troll his daughter!

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Ouch! That must’ve hurt! And I meant the jibe!

Mr. Robb, Sophia’s father, even assured everyone concerned that they were already on standby to get another set of braces for Sophia in time for Jordan’s next movie!

How cool is this dad? No really!

And then something happened which threw the insane-o-meter straight outta the park! And I suggest if you ever doubt your fangirling/fanboying, think of this glorious moment when a random fan’s wish was so spectacularly granted!

Oh yes, yes it happened. The man of the moment, Michael B Jordon himself, replied to Sophia, asking her if he could help with her broken retainer problem!

Oh. My. God. *read in Janice’s voice*

And that’s not all, he followed her on Twitter too and some DMs were exchanged. Now we don’t know exactly what went on in those DMs but Sophia sure couldn’t stop tweeting about how exciting all this had turned out to be!

Though, I can say hands down the best reaction to this was her father’s, who strutted around Twitter, super proud of his daughter!

Ah parents! Don’t you just love how cute they get when they’re all proud of you?

And so ladies and gentlemen, the moral of the story is that social media is a fan’s best friend. So go ahead and share your crazy/embarrassing fan stories and you never know, the celeb love of your life might just get your message!

*BRB, trying this with Ranveer Singh ASAP*

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