Cute Black Bear Crashes Backyard & Plays With Snow & A Football, Watch Video

If you are someone who spends a considerable amount of time gushing over cute animal videos on the internet, you’d know that a happy bear’s level of cuteness is unbeatable! And now, the internet has blessed people like us with an extremely adorable bear video which is hard to get over.

According to a report by The Indian Express, a video of a black bear playing in someone’s backyard in the snow has gone viral. Colorado has been hit with an “incessant and sudden burst of snowstorm” but this bear, who gate-crashed someone’s backyard, is enjoying the weather to its fullest, with a football in hand of course!

Watch the video here:

Yes, the bear is all levels of adorbs. Yes, we can go about watching him play for hours. But everything’s cool till he’s playing in someone else’s yard! That’s what netizens have been highlighting. Imagine the horror of the family whose yard he crashed!

BRB. Watching this video on loop!

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