The Internet Is Obsessing Over BJP Spokesperson’s New Dapper DP And We Clearly See Why!

The Internet is not always dark and gloomy. Some days (after skimming through layers of unwarranted hate) it brings us face-to-face with things that makes one to marvel at the wonder of the bountiful universe. In fact, you’d surprised, I can say the same about politics.

Well, at least for today. Wondering how and why? I’ll tell you…

It so happened that Gaurav Bhatia, the national spokesperson for BJP (ex-spokesperson for Samajwadi) recently posted, what seems like, a dapper throwback picture of himself that looked like THIS and boy, oh boy! 

Yep, you guessed that right! Let’s just say that the Internet has found a new obsession (before everyone got down to discuss the dastardly #WhatsAppDown). See for yourself. 

1. Bollywood’s loss bro!

2. Waah waah waah waah.

3. You never know!

4. Bas kami hai toh ek jingle ki

5. The popular opinion of the day…

6. ‘Gajab,’ said one!

7. *Scratches head*

8. Suggestions poured in too.

9. Bwahahahahha

10. I second that.

11. This is cracked me up!

But honestly guys, I see what you guys see. And I see the making of the next viral thing! No?