BJP MP Manohar Untwal Passes Derogatory Remark On Digvijay Singh’s Wife, Calls Her ‘Item’

Of all the infinite wonders in this world, one thing that will never cease to amaze you is how the dignity of women is always at stake. No matter what era we live in or how many waves of feminism wash over this sad, sad planet. The truth is, whenever something goes wrong, the first thing to come under attack is a woman’s dignity. Even if she’s got nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Take for instance the completely unwarranted and derogatory remarks of BJP MP Manohar Untwal of Dewa, Madhya Pradesh about the wife of Congress leader Digvijaya Singh.

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Former Madhya Pradesh CM and Congress leader Digvijaya Singh and his wife, Amrita Rai, recently accomplished a near 3000-km pilgrimage on foot, called the Narmada Yatra.

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Talking in reference to their Narmada Yatra, BJP MP Manohar Untwal, during his speech, aimed a jibe at Digvijaya Singh. He remarked how the Congress leader had done nothing for Madhya Pradesh, except bring an ‘item’ from Delhi—the ‘item’ being his wife.

The age difference between Singh and his journalist wife was the subject of many a jests when the two got married in 2015.

To quote Untwal’s rich and colourful use of vocabulary,

“Digvijaya Singh ne Madhya Pradesh ke liye kuch nahi kiya lekin Delhi se ek item zaroor lekar aa gaye.”

(“Digvijaya Singh has done nothing for Madhya Pradesh but brought an item from Delhi.”)

Oh wait, why not watch the honourable MP utter those words yourself?

Isn’t it amazing how our politicians think that good speeches are made by insulting the women in your opponent’s life? Makes for a really good news item, TBH. Agree?