BJP MP Beats BJP MLA With A Shoe Because Of A Disagreement, Netizens Go WTF?

It’s common knowledge that since all of us don’t have the political knowledge or time to do everything on our own, we elect leaders to do that job for us. And we choose them because they promise to do so honestly. However, it looks we aren’t their top priority anymore.

Recently a disagreement between BJP MP Sharad Tripathi and BJP MLA Rakesh Singh Baghel led to a shoe-fight during the District Action Plan Committee meeting at the Sant Kabir Nagar Collectorate.

According to India Today, the reason for the fight was the placement of names on the foundation stone of a project. Yeah! What were you thinking? That they were angry at each other for not listening to the aam junta?

Apart from these two hooligans, the UP minister of technological and medical education Ashutosh Tandon, district panchayat head, the District Magistrate and many other officials were present there. And it was their combined efforts that brought the brawl to an end.

BJP MLA Baghel, who was at the receiving end of the shoe storm, didn’t go easy on the MP and protested outside the District Magistrate’s office.

BJP MP Sharad Tripathi responded to the altercation by saying that it wasn’t his intention to take out his shoe and beat the hell out of MLA Baghel.

BJP UP President MN Pandey has said that the party has taken note of this incident. He has summoned both of them to Lucknow and will take “strict disciplinary action” against them.

Netizens who want the elected to spend their time debating issues troubling the general public were furious to see them fighting over petty things.

George Bernard Shaw once said that “politics is the last resort of the scoundrels”. And this display of rowdy behaviour proves that notion appropriately. However, if you don’t want Indian politics to go down this way, vote wisely.

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