BJP MLA Says ‘Making Boyfriends’ Is Reason For Crimes Against Women

People are supposed to learn from their mistakes. And if they’re a little smarter, they’d learn from the mistakes of others. Going by this logic, Guna BJP MLA Pannalal Shakya seems to have missed both those buses.

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If the name sounds familiar, let me refresh your memory. This is the same guy who called Virat Kohli unpatriotic for choosing to marry in Tuscany instead of the land in which Lord Ram, and several other mythological characters, chose to enter matrimony.

Yep. THAT guy. And if you thought his previous foot-in-mouth moment was entertaining enough then you’ll like this. Because, oops! Vidhayak ji did it again!

BJP’s MLA from Guna, Pannalal Shakya has discovered the root cause of crimes and atrocities against women—it’s the boyfriends!

This path-breaking revelation was made by Shakya on Saturday, when he was speaking at a function for the distribution of smartphones at Girl’s Degree College in Guna.

The all-knowing MLA said,

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“Why do girls have boyfriends? Girls should refrain from having boyfriends and atrocities against them will end.”

But wait, that’ not all. The BJP MLA’s gyaan-giving session had a few more pearls of wisdom still left to be shared.

Rrrrright okay!

His words have irked the good folk of Twitter yet again, forcing them to ponder what possess people like him to make statements like these.

Alas, we may be closer to finding the cure for cancer than a cure for misogyny.

1. Is there a time machine we can use to send such people back to the ancient times?

2. Maybe it’s an affliction. You know, making such statements….

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3. When will they accept it? You, dear men, are a major chunk of that problem!

4. Spewing drivel!

5. Oooh good suggestion! We’ll make sure this reaches him in time for his next speech!

6. Amen!

7. When you look at it this way….

According to Hindustan Times, when the honourable MLA was given a second chance to reconsider his statements, Shakya stood by them.

“I am against western culture and my speech was based on that only.”

*sigh* Well, at least, we tried. Unfortunately, you can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn.

TBH, when a country’s political structure is run by men over 50, who are so rigid in their beliefs and ideologies, there’s barely any hope. What we, as a country, need to grasp is that merely implementing reforms for women is not enough. We have to change our mindsets too.

PS: On a lighter note, I always knew boyfriends were so much drama!

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