People On Twitter Discuss About The Bizarre Places They’ve Made Out At


When it comes to publically talking about things like sex, live-in relationships, same-sex relationships and same-sex relationships, many people around us still hesitate to open up about the issues.

While some would be like:

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There are others who don’t shy away from sharing their life details even if it means discussing the places they have made out at. When this Twitter user posted how making out in risky places is better than making out in comfort zone, people came in to share about their experiences.

While the back of a car, washrooms, elevators, movie theatres remain common answers, there were some who made us go, “wait, what!” And it gets funnier and weirder with every tweet. Take a look:

School days are the best, aren’t they?

Socha hai ye tumney kya kabhi? LOL!

Horn, okay, please!

Boht kuch hai bataney ko..

Malls aren’t just for shopping, right?

Here are some ‘Khatro ke Khiladi’

Everyone has their own agenda.

That’s not cheezy at all.

Ki fark penda hai…

And the best..

TMI you think? Well, I think such Twitter threads are a great way to ease your stress on a Monday afternoon. Keep them coming people, I am down for it. What about you?

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