Why Are Indians Obsessed With Speaking In English? Biswa Decodes The Hilarious Mystery.

Speaking English = Being modern

Indians live by this mantra. In fact, one of my neighbourhood aunties couldn’t stop raving about her little son, who learnt speaking English with such fluency! For her, it was an ultimate achievement. *rolls eyes* Seriously, what’s up with this trend?

According to this Times Of India report, Indian English-speakers are more than twice the UK’s population! Speaking English has become the raison d’etre of being considered successful and well! if you converse in Hindi, you’re considered ‘gawaar’.

In this video, Biswa Kalyan Rath addresses this issue. He talks about his school days when he used to feel fascinated by English-speaking students, how he always remembers his mother tongue when he’s sad or happy before English…and yeah, how he ALWAYS fucks in English. 😀

Jeevan ta dukho, sansaar ta moh maya! 😀