From Tamil Poems To Parsi Influence, Desi Foodies Debate Where Biryani Originated

Did you know that October 11 was celebrated as World Biryani Day? In the past, several online debates have taken place to determine which type of biryani is the tastiest – Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Thalassery, Donne and Dindigul, etc. Now, Twitter is at loggerheads over the origin of the dish.

According to News18, there are various theories to this debate. Some historians say Biryani is derived from the Persian words Birian (fried before cooking) and Birinj (rice). According to NDTV, the dish is believed to have been introduced to North India by the Mughals and South India by the Arabs. Others believe the Turk-Mongols brought it here and some argue that it originated in the sub-continent itself and evolved into different varieties over time.

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Some people credited the Persians for bringing the recipe to India while others pointed out a dish named Oon-Suru which was mentioned in Tamil texts way back in 2 AD.


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