Desi Twitter Just Discovered ‘Biryani Flavored Maggi’, Say ‘2020 Can’t Get Any Worse’


Over the years, our midnight cravings ka saathi, Maggi has been exploited a lot. Yes, we know that it’s a versatile flavorful dish but putting Chocolate, Ketchup, Oranges or pairing it with ‘Makki Ki Roti’ or ‘Pani Puri’ just ruins the essence of the masaledar maggi.

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But if you think this was it, someone introduced ‘Biryani Maggi’ to us. A twitter user recently posted a picture of ‘Biryani Flavored Maggi’ from the aisles of a super market.

Well, apparently this weird flavor of Maggi exists in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East. But a few people, including me, have discovered it just now.

But to say the least, we are not impressed!

A while back, the company reportedly introduced four new limited edition flavors called ‘Masalas of India’ that included ‘Amritsari Achari’, ‘Mumbaiya Chatak Masala’, ‘Bengali Jhaal’ and ‘Super Chennai’.

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Have you tried any of these bizarre flavors?

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