Desi Twitter Shares Childhood Party Memories As Pic Of Quintessential ‘Meal’ Goes Viral

During my childhood, getting invited to the neighbourhood kids’ birthday parties was my biggest flex. Because those were the only occasions when I could dress up pretty and eat chips, cake, and soft drinks because my mom wouldn’t allow any at home.

So when I came across this picture, I started having innumerable flashbacks of my childhood. This, my friend, is the quintessential meal of every kids’ birthday party ever!

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When one Twitter user posted the picture online and asked other desi people if they were having flashbacks, they did not hold back.

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Many shared memories of attending parties in their neighbourhood or at school and having similar meals served to them. While some added more typical items to the meal, others shared hilarious memories! Have a look:

Ah, I could give anything to go back to this part of my life!

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