Mother Duck Sacrifices Her Life To Save Chicks From A Snake, Tweeple React To Chilling Video

It’s impossible to define a mother’s love for her kids. She gets angry at them for their little mistakes and then stands rock solid behind them in their weakest points. She even sometimes sacrifices her ambitions, desires, happiness, and life for the well-being of her kids. And this emotion can also be seen in animals.

A video shared online by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Sudha Ramen shows the selfless love of a bird mommy towards her chicks. It opens with a snake slithering into the hole where the mother lived with her kids.

On seeing the carnivorous reptile gradually move in, the bird swings into action. She rigorously starts flapping her wings and pushing the chicks out of the hole.

The mother successfully manages to move her kids out of the hole unharmed, however, she couldn’t save herself. The video concludes with the snake coiling around the mommy probably suffocating her to death.

The heartbreaking video left many people teary-eyed.

However, some argued that the person shooting the video could have saved the mother.

This clip is sure to melt the toughest of hearts. Can we ever repay what moms do for us?

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