Bihar Teacher Makes Reels While Checking Exam Papers, Gives Random Marks & Barely Reads Answers

Students in India spend months preparing for crucial school and college exams, making tremendous sacrifices to focus entirely on their studies. They often forego social gatherings and their hobbies to dedicate their entire time to academics, trying to master complex topics. This preparation is driven by the hope of securing high marks – essential for choosing their preferred stream in classes 11 and 12, the college and a career of their liking.

Which is why a teacher in Bihar is facing tremendous backlash and, as a result, disciplinary action after videos surfaced on social media showing her creating Instagram Reels during an exam answer sheet evaluation session for Patliputra University (PPU). The viral footage captures the teacher in a classroom with other evaluators. She hardly goes through the answers on the sheet and randomly gives marks without even knowing what the student has written.

Have a look:

According to NDTV, an FIR has been filed against the teacher in the video after her videos were widely circulated online and her actions were criticised.

What a disappointing thing to do!

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