Bihar Police Say RATS Drank 9 Lakh Litres Of Seized Alcohol, Get HIGHLY Trolled On Twitter.


If this isn’t bizarre news, then I just don’t know what is. Rats in India seem to be taking the ‘HIGH’way. Earlier it was weed and now, it’s alcohol. Indian rats are allegedly getting the party started 😛

After Nagpur Rail Cops said that rats were behind 25 kg missing Marijuana, Bihar Police tried taking the same route. This time they blamed the rats for consuming 9 lakh litres of seized alcohol stored in police station ‘malkhanas’.

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Say whaaatt??

Bihar was declared a dry state a while ago, so the state Police seizes alcohol from citizens who defy the prohibition laws. Now, when more than nine lakh litres of booze went missing, Bihar Police claimed that rats are behind it. Again, WHAT?!


Then, when Patna SSP, Manu Maharaj, was asked to comment on the same, he just said he had really no idea of any such claim.

But hold on, SSP found two police officers, Nirmal Singh and Shamsher Khan, who were heavily drunk during a surprise check after the news went viral.


Things got more interesting when Tweeple started to troll not only the news but also Bihar Police for such claims.

1. Truly incredible!


2. Happy Naagin dance.


3. Things got really ratty.


4. Apt representation?!


5. Hardcore evidence.


6. And, they even involved Mickey ‘Mouse’ in it. #ChildhoodRuined


7. This is by far the best version of ‘Gaadi tera bhai chalayega’ joke.


8. Some drinks and some old classics.


9. That dig!


10. They love staying high, we guess!


11. And, that bad pun there.


12. Drama, much?

Somewhere in Bihar someone is saying: Gaur se dekhiye in sharabi chuho ko. Yeh wahi vahshi darinde hain jinhone khatam kari hai 9 lakh litres sharab.

So are these drunken rats called Ratta-boozie? #JustAsking

H/T: The New Indian Express

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