Bihar: Police Van Runs Out Of Fuel On Its Way To Court, Cops Make Prison Inmates Push It

If you are a fan of funny films and spend a good chunk of your salary to watch standup comedy every month, then you could consider moving to Bihar. People in Bihar are natural comedians who do not need a stage or an audience. They can turn mundane things into big laughs with a wit sharper than a samosa vendor’s knife. What’s better is that they don’t even need to try!

For example, a police van in Bihar ran out of fuel. In it were travelling prison inmates who were going to court for their hearing. The cops made them get out of the van and push the vehicle till it started! Have a look:

This started a laugh-riot on X (formerly Twitter) where many came to the conclusion that Bihar is not for everyone. 😛 Here’s how some of them reacted:

This just instantly made my mood better! 😀

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