Bihar Man Asked If He Has Seen ‘Vikas’ In His Village, His Reply Starts Meme-Fest Online!

As the Bihar elections are knocking on the door, journalists from various news channels are going to villages to amplify the voice of the poor and to see whether there has been any progress in these villages. One such regional news channel is ‘Bihar Tak’ who recently visited a small village in Bihar’s Lakhisarai to ask the villagers about the condition of the village.

According to The Indian Express, during an interview, one journalist asks a villager whether he has seen ‘Vikas’ or progress in the village. To this, the elderly villager innocently replies, “Hum nahi the yahan sir. Hum bimar the toh doctor ke yahan gaye the.”

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A video capturing the funny interview has now gone viral on the internet. Have a look:

However, the journalist later clarifies the question and asks whether there has been any significant work done for the development of the village. To this, the elderly man answers that there hasn’t.

Watch the full interview here:

People on the internet cannot get over how innocent the elderly man is! But there were also some who pointed out that his innocent answer does have a lot of truth in it.

Aren’t elderly people just the best?

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