Bihar Man Tries To Commit Suicide After Traffic Cops Fine Him For Helmetless Riding

The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill which has been put to practice since September 1 has left many people concerned. Earlier, violators of traffic rules could get away with paying the bare minimum. Some could even argue their way out with traffic cops! However, the new MV Bill with its hefty fines spares no one, not even the police!

According to a report by NDTV, a man living in Purnea, Bihar, poured petrol all over himself and tried to set himself ablaze after being fined by the traffic police for not wearing a helmet.

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The incident took place at RNSAV Chowk crossroad where the man tried to commit suicide.

Traffic Inspector Rajesh Kumar revealed that the man caught because he was riding a 2-wheeler without his helmet and was fined appropriately. The fine for not wearing a helmet is Rs. 2,000, according to the MV act.

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In his defence, the man told the police that he “forgot” to wear his helmet. He also repeatedly requested them to not give him a fine as he wouldn’t be able to pay Rs. 2,000.

“I did not have the money. Even after repeated request, the police did not listen to me and imposed a fine of Rs. 2,000,” the man said.

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The police ignored his plea and imposed the fine on him. The man then went on to pour petrol all over himself. He was just about to light the matchstick when he was saved.

“He did not give the fine and started creating a scene. After a while, he put petrol on himself and tried to ignite the matchstick. He was saved and was handed over to the police,” said the traffic cop.

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A similar incident occurred last month where a woman in Delhi threatened the police that she could commit suicide after getting caught for talking on the phone while riding a two-wheeler!

People should be more mindful about traffic rules before stepping out of the house. Excuses like these will not help!