Bihar Man Returns From The Dead On The 13th Day While Family Was Observing Last Rites

Two things that used to be a constant in old school TV serials were people getting plastic surgeries and ending up looking (and sounding) completely different, and people coming back from the dead. Even though it seemed bizarre, something similar happened in real life, believe it or not!

A man from Bihar who was presumed dead returned home on the 13th day while his family was performing his last rites, leaving them completely puzzled!

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According to sources, the man went missing on August 25 after which his family filed a police complaint. A few days later, the police found an unidentified body and the man’s father claimed that it belonged to his son. The body was brought home and cremated. The family then started observing the 13-day mourning period.

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However, on the 13th day i.e. the final day, he came back and left his family absolutely stunned, obviously!

“We are very happy now that our son is back,” said the father.

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Is it just me or do strange things really happen on Friday the 13th?