Employees Of This Bihar Government Office Wear Helmets To Work Everyday

I know you get up early, sulk all through the morning because office nahi jaana.

In case you don’t fall into that category, boy, you’ve got a keeper for a job! I know I do. For those who hate their jobs, you need to stop cribbing, because…

This Government office in Areraj, Champaran district, Bihar is in such dilapidated conditions that the employees have to wear helmets while working. The building is in a very bad shape and the officials’ working conditions are dreadful.

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Anyone visiting the office also has to wear a helmet as the building is literally falling apart. To save their head from getting hurt, a cover is necessary.


Lalan and Parvej Ahmad, two of the employees who work in land records department, spoke to News 18 and said that many people have been severely injured in the building.

“This is quite an old building. Walls and the roof of the building are in a very bad shape. Water starts trickling the moment it rains. The roof can cave in any day. Since we can’t be absent from our duties, we all decided to wear helmets.”

With water dripping on them, parts of roof falling on their heads and a tricky floor, these Bihar officials don’t take a day off. They keep working here, wearing helmets.

While we salute their spirit and their enthusiasm of helping people, we can’t ignore the fact that they are working in extremely dangerous conditions. The roof can cave in and claim their lives. It’s time that the Govt. takes a step to help them.

Furthermore, we don’t need a scientist to figure out that productivity doubles when the work environment is better.