Meet Sampreeti Yadav, Patna Girl Who Got Job In Google With Annual Salary Of ₹ 1.10 Crore

Time and again people have proved that neither their economic status nor family background can stop them from realizing their dreams of getting a high-paying job at a prestigious organization. Earlier, a Delhi electrician’s son bagged a ₹70 lakh job offer from a US firm.

And now, this engineering student from Bihar has made her parents proud by grabbing a job opportunity at tech giant Google.

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Sampreeti Yadav who belongs to Patna, Bihar has a B.Tech degree in Computer Science from Delhi Technological University and had been working at Microsoft soon after with an annual package of Rs 44 lakhs, reported DNA. Not to mention she had offers from Flipkart and Adobe. However, the scholar was eyeing getting acquired by Google and had submitted her resume with them too.

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And luckily she was shortlisted to appear for the interviews. “Google conducted interviews in 9 rounds at different levels online. The company was satisfied with my answer in each round, following which I got selected,” Sampreeti said. The girl now has a job from Google London with an annual salary package of a whooping Rs 1.10 crore.

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Sampreeti’s father Ramashankar Yadav is a bank officer while her mother Shashi Prabha is an Assistant Director with the Planning and Development department. Their daughter will be joining Google reportedly on February 14, 2022.

You go, girl!

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