Bihar Beggar Goes ‘Digital’, Accepts Money Via UPI & Hangs A QR Code Around His Neck

With the coming of digital payments into our lives, things seem to have become easier. For example, small roadside stalls now have a UPI barcode stuck on them and many customers don’t have to worry about carrying Rs 100 worth of change. However, one wouldn’t expect a beggar to follow suit.

According to The Indian Express, Raju Patel, a beggar from Bihar, has gotten rid of the traditional method of seeking alms. Updating himself with the times, Raju now uses online wallets and digital payment apps and asks people to send him money via online methods. He has also put a QR code around his neck.

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Many people have started to address him as “India’s first digital beggar”.

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However, Raju’s condition has started a debate online. A lot of people seemed to think that technology and digital literacy is helping to eradicate poverty.

However, many pointed out that while Raju is accepting digital payments, he is still begging; he is still poor. We shouldn’t be glorifying this, many said.

It is true that while the method of begging might be amusing, the man still suffers from poverty. Instead of giving a positive spin to his story, maybe people can come forward and help him instead?

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