Bihar 7 YO Fractures Left Hand, But Doctors Plaster The Right & Twitter Is Outraged!

Remember the incident when doctors left a towel in a woman’s belly after an operation or when a 7-year-old boy who came in for nose surgery got a hernia operation? If you thought those were the only cases of medical negligence then an incident that happened in Bihar will leave you frustrated and disappointed.

Seven-year-old Faizan broke his left arm after falling from a tree. Injured Faizan was taken to Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) to seek medical attention. But in spite of treating his fractured left arm, the expert doctors plastered his right.

India Today reported that when the doctor was casting the plaster on Faizan’s arm, he tried to tell him that he was treating the wrong arm, but the doctor ignored anything that he said. Even the prescription by a doctor said that it was the boy’s left arm that was fractured.

“This is utter negligence. We were not even provided with a single tablet by the hospital. An investigation should be done,” Faizan’s mother said.

Twitter was shook and vehemently protested the medical negligence:

After Faizan’s family complained to the hospital authorities, the superintendent of the hospital saw the child and admitted the mistake. ‘He took full responsibility for the incident and sought clarification from every person involved.’

It is sad that due to some negligent medical professionals the entire fraternity gets slammed.

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