Big Show And Braun Strowman Literally Broke The WWE Ring And We Just Can’t Stop Laughing!

Being a 90’s kid, I have always been fascinated with the WWE. Those kickass wrestling matches with superstars like ‘The Rock’, ‘Big Show’, ‘Hulk Hogan’ (I can literally type a hundred names here, FYI) used to be the highlight of my day. From putting posters of these uber-cool gentlemen on my walls to playing trump games, I was an all-out fanatic for the WWE.

However, as time passed, I kind of got away from it (as many of you must have been too), but I never stopped following the big moments. Recently, John Cena proposed to Nicki Bella in the ring and that was pretty sweet. And now, Big Show and Braun Strowman have given us yet another moment to remember.

Pitted against each other in the ring, the two big guys came so hard at each other that they broke the ring (not metaphorically, LITERALLY!). Check out this amazing video uploaded by WWE that will leave you in splits!