Big B Lists Out All His Charitable Work To Respond To Fan Asking Why He Doesn’t Donate


Most of us dream of becoming successful and popular like several Bollywood celebrities, but being at the top, with thousands of fans and followers, also has its own demerits. You are often at the receiving end of trolls and negativity online. In fact, some people never miss an opportunity to make you look bad in the public eye.

Amitabh Bachchan who is followed by millions across the globe recently shut down a troll who questioned him about why he doesn’t donate his extra wealth to the needy and poor, reported Hindustan Times.

It all happened when Big B posted a picture of his wrist, decked with Rakhi sent by his sisters on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, on his Facebook account.

FB 2816 -" दुआएं जमा करते रहिए…. सुना है जायदाद, शौहरत ऐवं घमंड साथ नहीं जाते…।" ~ ef

Posted by Amitabh Bachchan on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

On the post, one of his followers commented:

“How about donating your extra wealth to the needy and poor? I am sure your wallet will be filled with immense love and blessings!! Lead by example!! Instruction is good but example is worth more!!”


Big B was irked by her comment and decided to list out the innumerable occasions on which he has lent his support to the needy.

Here’s what he replied to her:

Seema Patel ji .. yes my wallet is full with love and blessings .. and I shall NOT take your ‘lead’ to follow by example .. I shall continue to give instruction BECAUSE you are completely delusional and have NO knowledge or ANY information of what I have done, what I am doing and what I shall continue doing .. not just for the poor and needy , but for the thousands of farmers that have been saved from suicide by my own personal charitable financial intervention, right from Andhra, Vidarbha, Bihar and UP .. for the martyrs families of the CRPF that have sacrificed their lives in J&K and Pulwama so you can be safe enough to put out your ill-informed comment here on FB .. for the workers in the Industry community numbering 100,000 families that have been provided ration and food for 6 months .. for the daily lunch and dinner provided to 5000 each day since the lockdown till today to the poor in the city .. for the 12,000 foot wear that has been provided to the migrant workers walking bare feet to their villages from Mumbai, by having my team catch them on the Nasik Highway, and to give them food and water .. for the buses, 10 in number, personally arranged to transport them to their homes in Bihar and UP .. for the entire train booked by me to transport 2009 migrant workers to their homes .. and when politics cancelled the train, within an hour to have booked and chartered 6 planes of Indigo, transported 180 passengers in each flight – 2 to Varanasi, 2 to Gorakhpur, one to Allahabad, one to Patna , and providing dry food packets to the migrants in flight , and to arrange for facilities to take the migrants to their respective villages, all at my own personal cost .. for the front line workers during the pandemic to have donated 15,000 PPE units and over 10,000 masks to the Hospitals and the Police forces in Mumbai .. to have provided substantial donation to the Chairman of the Sikh community in Delhi, who are working assiduously in helping and feeding the poor in this crisis .. my personal policy Seema ji stipulates of NOT talking but DOING for others shall ever stand .. BUT today your uncalled for provocation, coerces me to break my STAND , and I am so so regretting that I have to give explanation .. AND LASTLY , I KNOW THAT THEY THAT GET THE BENEFIT OF MY WORK ALBEIT LIMITED WITHIN MY PERSONAL MEANS, KNOW THAT IT IS A MILLION TIMES GREATER IN WORTH THAN THE ‘INSTRUCTED EXAMPLE’ THAT YOU WISH FOR ME AND WRITE ABOUT .. BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THAT YOU AND YOUR LIKES ARE CAPABLE OF DOING – WRITING ILL-INFORMED , IRRESPONSIBLE DIATRIBE AND RIDING ON CELEBRITY BACKS TO GET NOTICE .. may the Almighty bless and protect you, may you be ever safe and in the care of those unseen Divine forces .. and this from one that has just been discharged and has survived the dreaded Covid virus , by the care and attention AND LOVE given to me by the Medical professional community of my Country .. and by the prayers and duas and blessings of a million well wishers , OF WHICH YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS SHALL NEVER BE A PART OF.

However, in his recent blog, the ‘Mahanayak’ repented responding to the woman and wrote:

“I weep as I put this out because somewhere today this lady has destroyed my belief and stand that I shall NOT talk of my charity only DO it, it needs to be done not talked of.”

This isn’t the first time that senior Bachchan has responded to someone trolling him on social media, because as he rightly pointed out in his blog post, “There is a limit of what can be said; there is a limit to what one can bear.”

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