Big B Got Upset With Ranveer Singh For Not Replying To His SMS. Here’s What Ranveer Said.

Remember Sonam Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan’s cute banter on Twitter, where he was basically like all of our relatives, asking her why she didn’t reply to his birthday message? Well, yeah, that one. Not many of you know, but Big B personally smses people from the industry and people he knows on their special day.

So, Big B messaged quirk King Ranveer too on his birthday on July 6. But according to him, he didn’t get a reply. (That’s so our dads). So, he tweeted to Ranveer asking about it on a reply tweet of Ranveer’s. (Like, our dads do on Facebook wall on a friend’s wish we commented upon).

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But turns out, the firecracker did reply and even told Shehenshah that he double checked. (That’s basically us when we tell our dads that we did reply but they totally missed it due to a variety of reasons.)

But, that’s cute. Isn’t it?


Ranveer further mentioned how the little things in life matter and we totally agree with him.

The way megastar cares is super-cute and the way he scolds too is also very cute. You know what they say right? People only get upset with whom they care about.

So, this basically qualifies as a dad-son moment between Big B and Ranveer Singh. Haina?

Totally besides the point, but I am still trying to explain it to my dad, how social media works.