Former Bhutan PM Got Ears Pulled By Angry Wife On Valentine’s Day For Not Getting Her Roses

Valentine’s Day hangover is real. There was just too much mush all over social media yesterday, too many heart balloons in the local auto-rickshaws, and too loud a Channa Mereya could be heard from my single neighbour’s room backdoor.

While online feeds have been filled with romantic messages and gestures, there have been quite a few bone-tickling ones as well. From the man who got a cauliflower for his wife as a gift to Kartik Aryan spending the day with a skeleton, you might think that was all.

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But a certain picture has made Netizens go ROLF!

Bhutan’s former Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, recently posted a picture on social media with his wife on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, and it’s not your average couple’s pic!

The former PM looks like the way most kids do when they get a solid hollering from their parents for not doing homework!

His wife, Tashi Dolma who is seated on the back seat, is seen pulling his ears and people started to wonder, why on earth?

The hilarious picture has taken social media by storm. Questions started pouring in asking what he did to make his wife angry, to which he replied:

He forgot to get her roses! How relatable is that?

Netizens have hailed the picture as an “award-winning Valentine’s Day pic” and we don’t deny it!

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Tshering Tobgay is known to be the king of husbands on social media. Some of his posts with his wife have gone viral in the past and for all the right reasons!

Hope everyone else survived Valentine’s Day in full piece!

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