T-Series Head Bhushan Kumar Accused Of Rape, Company Releases Official Statement

In a shocking incident, a case has been filed against the Managing Director of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar, accusing him of rape. According to NDTV, Bhushan Kumar allegedly raped the woman after promising to provide her with a job.

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The complaint was filed by a 30-year-old woman at DN Nagar police station in Andheri (West). While the police haven’t revealed where and when the alleged crime took place, it was revealed that Bhushan Kumar allegedly promised the woman work in some of his company’s projects. He has been booked for rape, cheating, and criminal intimidation.

T-Series has responded to the allegations and in an official statement, they denied the above allegations, reports Hindustan Times. They alleged that they have proof against the woman’s claims and that she was “trying to get a web series made with T-Series” but was “denied” the same. They also accused the woman of attempting to “extort” money from the company.

Their statement read:

“The complaint filed against Mr. Bhushan Kumar is completely false and malicious and the contents of the same are denied. It has been falsely alleged that the lady in question was sexually exploited between 2017 to 2020 on the pretext of giving her work.

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It is a matter of record that she has already worked for a T-Series banner in Film and music videos.

Around March 2021 she approached Mr Bhushan Kumar seeking help to fund one of the web series which she wanted to produce, which was politely refused. Thereafter, in June 2021 after the lifting of lockdown in Maharashtra, she started approaching the T-Series banner in collusion with her accomplice demanding a huge sum of money as an extortion amount. Consequently, a complaint was filed by T-Series banner against the attempted extortion with police at Amboli police station on 1st July 2021. We also have evidence in the form of audio recording for the extortion attempt and the same shall be provided to investigating agency. The present complaint filed by her is nothing but a counterblast to the complaint filed against her and her accomplice for the offence of extortion.”

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