Bhopal Civic Workers Will Collect Outstanding Taxes By Beating Drums Outside Defaulters’ Homes

A while back, the Income Tax department started tracking data about foreign trips, luxury watches and new cars posted on social media handles to find out if there was a mismatch between a taxpayer’s reported income and expenditure to prevent tax evasion in the country. Now, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation has come up with some unconventional ways to collect outstanding tax amounts from defaulters.

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According to News18, Bhopal Divisional Commissioner and District Municipal Corporation Administrator, Kavindra Kiyawat, has confirmed that hoardings with details of tax defaulters (like their name, property and outstanding amount) will be put up near their homes. Additionally, they will be shamed by civic workers beating drums outside their homes and requesting them to pay tax.

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This campaign is being rolled out so that big tax defaulters decide to pay up to save face and their image in society. Do you think their idea will work in preventing tax evasion in the city?

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