Bhopal Just Had Its First Gay Pride Parade And The Pictures Are Painting A Rainbow Of Hope

Don’t mistake me for a cynic but India and Indians (a majority to say the least) suffers from Homophobia and Transphobia. The cultural disposition is such; it doesn’t allow much breathing space for free will and choice, especially when it comes to one’s sexual orientation!

But, we have found a silver lining. A ray that is all for the LGBTQ community in India.

Bhopal just hosted its first Pride Parade on May 17 and the pictures of beaming smiles and gaiety will fill your vision with hope…of a better tomorrow! 

1. A new era ushers…

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2. Eyes that say it all!

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3. Well, who doesn’t? 


4. Spread that love!


5. This is how PRIDE looks like. 


6. ‘United we stand…’


7. Mirth in the air!


8. My absolute favourite! 


9. The hues, though! 


10. One in motion! 

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12. There is something about this picture! 

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13. All about change! 

I don’t know about you but I’m certainly filled with pride. TBH, the city of lakes has never looked this beautiful.

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