Bhopal Doctor On COVID-19 Duty Has Been Living In His Car Since A Week To Protect Family

Health workers around the world are abiding by their duties and responsibilities during these testing times of coronavirus outbreak. They are giving up their comfort and safety to treat patients infected by COVID-19. Several doctors and nurses have even tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Many have left their homes and shifted to hotels to avoid the risk of transmitting the virus to their family members.

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One such doctor from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Sachin Nayak who is treating coronavirus patients in JP hospital has not been home for a week, reports India Today. He has taken shelter in his car parked in the hospital premises to prevent the possibilities of his wife and kid contracting COVID-19.

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He has stocked up several daily use items including books to read in his spare time in the car, reports Republic. Talking about his decision of moving in his car, Nayak said, “We are treating patients here. We may carry the virus while going to our home. To save my family from the coronavirus, I decided to isolate myself here in the car. I have spent seven days in it.”

“Nobody was prepared to deal with this coronavirus global pandemic. However, the situation is improving now and authorities are doing their best to deal with the crisis. The administration has made its effort to provide accommodation to doctors in hotels. It is a time-taking process as the hotels were not sanitized,” he added.

“I was not so afraid but over the last few days we have seen positive cases in large numbers,” he added. Nayak who is in touch with his family through video calls said he might go home in a couple of days.

Impressed with Nayak’s dedication, MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan lauded him for his efforts on Twitter.

There are several health workers like Nayak who are making compromises and living away from their families so that we can stay home, safe and secure with our loved ones. They are the real heroes, indeed!

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