Boyfriend Hilariously Edits GF’s Pics Making Her Forehead Larger When She Annoys Him!

When you are in a relationship, it’s not always about going to cute candlelight dinners and binge-watching your favourite Netflix series. Sometimes it is also about annoying your partner and having fun. But when your special someone uses his witty sense of humour to handle you annoying him, you got to take it in your stride!

Theodore Gussie is the annoyed boyfriend who took to Twitter to share his ways of getting back at his girlfriend when she annoys him. The Chicago-based Youtuber edits and uploads pictures of his girlfriend, Adilene Venegas with her forehead edited to be slightly larger when she makes him mad. He even inflates her head depending on how mad he is.

Noticing how netizens were amused by his girlfriend’s social embarrassment, he shared many similar photographs.

His girlfriend also replied to his tweet:

While some found the couple funny and cute, others found Gussie mean and started posting his edited pictures in support of Venegas and they are LIT AF.

Twitter users took inspiration and went on to share their creative side and we are ROFL:

How do you get back at BAE when they annoy you? Tell us!